PatientsShield: Dental Office Protection

PatientsShield keeps the entire office safe from contagious ambient air by trapping and effectively removing contaminants from splatter, droplets, and aerosol spray created during dental visits.

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Affordable & Easy-to-Use Protection for Dental Professionals & Patients


PatientsShield's patent-pending technology protects everyone in the office from contagious ambient air

According to the Department of Labor database with statistics on 974 occupations and 125 million employees, the dental profession ranked number one for exposure to contaminants and disease pathogens found in the air at dental offices. Both bioaerosols and chemicals from dental procedures impact the patient waiting area, instrument washing room, and general practice exam rooms. Protect everyone in the office with PatientsShield technology used by dental professionals -- and requested by patients.

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PatientsShield patent-pending dental safety solution

The All-Inclusive Dental Safety Solution for COVID-19 and Other Contagions

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How It Works

PatientsShield Products

PatientsShield Package - $459

The PatientsShield package includes clamp, gooseneck, clear scratch-resistant shield, 3/4 suction cup, microfiber cleaning cloth, 400 sticky tabs, 100 sheets, assembly kit, and instructions.

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Replenish Package

The replenish package includes 50 individual cut polyethylene lateral sheets with 200 self-adhesive tabs. Order this package as needed to ensure you have enough shields for every patient visit.

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Replacement Parts

If you need additional parts and or require a replacement, we have a full inventory of our products and supplies and will help you order the exact equipment you may need for your set-up.

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"This has been a lifesaver for our business. We started using the prototype after we reopened. Our patients, dentists, and everyone in the office feels safe."

Margie S., Office Administrator | Ardmore, PA

"I was a little uneasy about returning to the dentist. But I felt safe and protected during my procedure. I appreciate that the office was taking safety very seriously."

Renee B., Patient | Merion Station, PA