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PatientsShield Protection

Our patent-pending PatientsShield was created by Mindy Benjamini, DMD, of MB Dental Solutions to protect dental professionals and patients from contagious ambient air. Through multiple rounds of prototypes and designs, the innovative product landed on its final design and is already in use in dental offices in Pennsylvania.

The PatientsShield was designed to provide all-inclusive protection against all contaminants that are created and enter the air during dental visits. It captures splatter, droplets, and aerosol spray by effectively removing it before it enters the ambient air.

Why Dental Professionals and Patients Need Protection

Bioaerosols. Dental instruments create hazardous bioaerosols containing microbes from the saliva, blood, and subgingival fluids. The spray of these fine droplets remain suspended in the air for up to six hours creating a toxic cloud from the floor to a height of six feet.

Chemicals. There are chemical compounds in dental office air. Mercury vapors can be dispersed in the air during removal of amalgam fillings. In the drilling of crowns, bridges, and dental prostheses, airborne contamination comes from metal alloys.

ReOpen and Operate with Confidence

The PatientsShield confidently contains captures and removes contaminated aerosols and is an affordable way to confidently reopen and operate any dental practice in the era of COVID-19 and concern of other pandemics and outbreaks.

It offers full protection for an entire dental staff and patients throughout the office and does not require an expensive external air filtration system.

PatientsShield is a TM of MB Dental Solutions.